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110 ton gun and 9.2 inch coastal gun Id?


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Hi,the attatched pics are on postcards,i have a few of these all showing guns, mortars bombs etc.Will post a few in the next few weeks,any info appreciated .The 110 ton gun is at Devils Dyke,this is in Cambs.Why was it here?I would date the pic to 1895 to 1905(my guess looking at the clothing). The other pic is labelled to the back , 9.2Inch gun on the peak?This appears to be the 9.2 inch coast defence gun. Will post some pics of the site on Portlands west weares and some wartime pics of the gun being fitted and firing.Cheers Tony.
Hi Tony, When I saw your post regarding the Devils dyke, it made me think of the place near Brighton with the same name.
when I visit Dorset, I like to have a sniff around Portland, and have been around the High Angle Battery site on more than one occasion. Have you ever been inside the tunnels and magazines ? I have never got a torch with me when I go. Tony.
The 110 ton Gun at the Devils Dyke is Not in Cambs but is the Devils Dyke near Brighton as tony suggested earlier ,I found a few snippets on line with similar pictures to yours "the picture shows a replica which was installed when part of this Sussex beauty spot was used as an amusement park: "... an aerial railway ascends the Dyke and visitors are on all sides invited to shoot a bottle on a string, to throw balls at coconuts, to witness the optical illusion of growing fat and otherwise to amuse themselves. There is a good hotel on the summit of the Dyke commanding a view of the Weald, and a wooden model of the 110-ton Armstrong gun"
hope this helps spotter


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Cheers spotter for the details,mystery solved! As for Portland Tony,the high angle batteries were an extension of the Verne citadel,also there were batteries for the defence of Portland at Blacknor,Ringstead(upton)East weares,East weares E battery,Nothe fort(Wymouth) and Chequer fort and the other breakwater forts.Other than the large naval base at portland,the Whiteways torpedo factory was only a mile away at Ferrybridge.Pic1,East Weares from the Verne,note 2 x 9.2 inch gun pics to right .Pic 2 magazine on east weares site.pic 3 Inside magazine at the high angle batteries.
Nice link and great photos Tony, perhaps I'll hire you as a guide next time I'm down that way ! Tony.