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11mmX58r Wendl


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Hello all,
my old buddie(if your the same age as me I can say that!) from across the pond(Dano1917) recently sent this Wendl round over to me,is there any way of finding out the manufacturer of this round.It is headstamped VI/ 87/crest?/18, as far as I can "guess" the 1887 is the year of manfacture,VI mark?or June of 1887 & the crest,The Austrian two headed eagle national crest? or makers mark?Can anyone shed any light on this please?
Cheers Tony


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Thanks Doc,
That would indicate that the Roman numerals do indeed stand for for the month of manufacture.
Cheers Tony
Hi guys,
You are right, two headed eagle is Austrian national crest, meaning that State arsenal Wllersdorf is manufacturer.
Roman numerals is month of production, rest digit is year .