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12.7x80....50 Vickers


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It is headstamped K42..F1Z...is that AP ? Any info appreciated.Round is inert.


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Your round was made at the kynoch Factories, Witton, Birmingham, England in 1942.

F = Semi AP I = Mark 1, Z = Nitrocellulose propellant as opposed to cordite. Semi AP is similar to AP but uses an un-hardened mild-steel core. Perforomance was found to be almost as good as AP and the cores were much cheaper to produce as there was no hardeneing process involved.

Nice find.
.5 Vickers

I have already posted this on the Gunboards site, but will repeat here for anyone interested.

The proj. in this round is wrong. It looks like a .50 Browning bullet has been stuck in the case, as the correct Vickers one is much shorter.


Heres a couple of pictures for comparison.

Also note that the "Vickers" uses Left Hand Rifling !


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Here is a picture of two .5 Vickers Drill D Mark I rounds (D.I and D.I*) that shows the shorter bullet and its position in the case compared with the round originally posted.



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