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12 gauge cartridges


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A few years ago I bought some different types of 12 gauge sporting cartridges on a collectors meeting .... for a Euro a piece.... just out of curioucity.

I thought it might be interesting to see the inside of these cartridges although it's no millitary stuff.... exept for the right one.

from left to right:
*two types of fine buckshot, for anything from kolibri's to duck sized birds.
*heavy buckshot for bigger birds ( in Holland it's called goose buckshot).
*a single lead shot, manufactured by Brenneke. It is claimed to be able to cut a 4" tree in half.
*a kind of APDS shot, packed in two 180 degrees sabots. The hard lead projectile has more or less the shape of an hourglass. As no spin is induced, this projectile will probably start to tumble not far after leaving the barrel.
*a true fin stabilized APDS, housed in three 120 degrees sabots. An attempt to change a buck shot rifle into a rudimentary bullet rifle. Some spin is induced by angled tail fins. On short distances very effective against large game like wharthogs.
*The only military cartridge in the row, filled with flechettes. It was much used in the Vietnam war where it came in handy in the dense jungle with the enemy hiding in bushes, high grass and leafage.

Regards DJH


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