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12 Pounder


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Something I found the other day. Ill take a guess that its an 12 Pr 12 cwt made by Royal Laboratories in 1918. The Mark 1 casing in 39cm tall. Im guessing its from a Quick Fire 12 cwt anti-aircraft gun army or navy though? If anyone could confirm these details please?

There are a couple of markings that I would like to identify please.

F in a small square
X 5 (possibly its been fired 5 times before?)
N with a broad arrow above
BR within a diamond
hU or kU within a circle that has been struck through

If you look at the base of the casing you will see numerous score marks. Circular marks and small 1cm vertical marks. These appear around the complete shell. Any thoughts on these marks?

Also, what type of fuse does it have?



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Yes its as it is stamped 12pr 12cwt, earlier ones weren't stamped with this. Its Navy or coast defense anti ship. The AA version was longer and had the shell crimped in to make it quicker to load, they are marked 12PR 12CWT FA. As to the other markings hopefully someone else can answer. 2pr
Machine marks !

I think you will find that the circumferential lines are where the case has been turned on a Lathe, once the case has been "Final pressed".
The case then has to have the rear primer hole and "Head and Rim" machined to final size, the amount of material removed is usually "minimal" and this can result in uneven cutting along the surface.

I would guess that the vertical 1 cm lines are where the case has been put into a weapon on numerous occasions.