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120mm APFSDS


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Got this one yesterday to add to the ever increasing rang of APFSDS.



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Great photos Dave. Any idea what it is? Is it APFSDS from a training round? --Or maybe German 120mm DM-13 or DM-23?
Thanks Marty, I was told it was from a Leopard MBT.

This ones service.

I have a prac version with the cone shaped "fins" with the holes in them, this one is a LOT heavier.

Thanks. If its a Rheinmetall product than my guess would be 120mm DM-23. The windscreen on the 120mm DM-13 penetrator isn't a single conical shape -- it's sort of stepped. Conversely the windscreen on DM-23 is a single cone -- like your specimen. The penetrator looks too short to be DM-33. And DM-53 and DM-63 have super long penetrators.

Any idea what the length of the penetrator assembly is -- from tip of cone to bottom of fin assembly.

It would be interesting to hear the weight of the sabot vs. the weight of the penetrator. It would make ID'ing the projectile easier if you had those two weights. Are the obturation bands around the sabot still intact? Just wondering if the sabot petals can be removed from the penetrator without damaging your specimen. This way it would be easy to obtain weights of the sabot assembly vs. weight of the Penetrator\fin\windscreen.
Hi Marty, the bands are all complete and not split so I can't separate the dart from the sabot.
The dart including the fin is about 500mm long.
There was one with a longer dart for sale.....but it was a lot more.