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120mm L1 APDS Projectile


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Until Friday, I collected WWII AP rounds from any nationality....thanks to a generous friend of mine, it seems its now WWII and post WWII AP. I was offered the projectile below several times, until my willpower wayned.

Its an APDS Practice Projectile from the British L1 120mm rifled tank gun, only used on the Conqueror tank.

As I was a WWII collector, I don't have much information on the rounds from the L1 tank gun...If anyone has any drawings, pictures, or other information, I love to hear from you.


Richard i dont have anything on the L1 but i do have some on the L20,,can you tell from the picture if these are identical in construction
Thanks Spotter, and thanks also AndyD for some excellent documents.

I do have two more questions..probably for any tankers here, but open to all...even if its just chewing the cud.

1. Being a practice projectile, does it mean it's actually fired, in a range, or is it just used to practice loading and unloading. (Thought that was called a dummy round?)

2. If it is fired, I am perplexed, as I am fairly sure that there is no tungsten core, just the Aluminium shell per the diagram. If this is the case, surely the ballistics will be significantly altered, in particular range and accuracy...if so, how much practice does this round give?

Ok i can help a bit here.Yes PRACTICE is live fired ,but DRILL is only used for loading drills,and is not fired,
Live ammo with tungsten core is expensive to produce,the aluninium core on the practice one is attatched to a base of steel to give it weight,allowing it to be fired in the same manner as Live rounds,just without the penetration of the tungsten core,this allows troops to put in lots of practice at a fraction of the cost..
this will be leftovers from when we had the crash on the first server,,ill delete this post shortly as it doesnt make sense anymore.unless it is of use to anyone then let me know within the next hour
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