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120mm practice mortar


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hello does anyone have any info on this big lump of a practice mortar round,its approx 120mm.most of the writing has scuffed off on impact,what remains reads 104MCRO
.The Cartridge is stamped M547A1
any further info/pictures welcome...thanks for looking spotter
apologys for picture was the best i could get at the time

Hello Havoc i will try send you good quality picture at the weekend im away from home at the moment.thanks all help appreciated spottert
Having gone through Jane's ammuntion handbook 1999-2000, it looks like a MECAR 120mm HE(PRAC) M528A1 mortar bomb.

Not 100% sure but its a start.

This mortar has now been positively identified by both Havoc and Quatermass as a MECAR 120mm M528 practice mortar from Belgium

thanks both of you for your help its appreciated ...spotter