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120mm short casing


There was a post a while back about a shell or casing being used as an ashtray. Here is a mystery 120mm that I used in KAF as an ashtray. I decided it would make a great ashtray for the outside at my home, so here it is.

I would like to know exactly what it is used for. I have included photos of the markings on the bottom.


  • Unknown shell2_Vga.JPG
    Unknown shell2_Vga.JPG
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  • Unknown Shell3_Vga.JPG
    Unknown Shell3_Vga.JPG
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  • Unknown Shell base 1_Vga.JPG
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balance of photos


  • Unknown Shell Markings 1_Vga.JPG
    Unknown Shell Markings 1_Vga.JPG
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  • Unknown Shell Markings 2_Vga.JPG
    Unknown Shell Markings 2_Vga.JPG
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Should be the base section for one of the consumable case cartridges for the 120mm tank rounds. I'm sure some of the case guys can narrow it down further.
Since it has just a stub for a primer, it would be for one of the really long projectiles, a fin stabilized HEAT or Long Rod Penetrator APFSDS-T.

I believe it says DM18 on the base, so it would be the stub cartridge case from the 120mm Target Practice Tracer, the practice version of the HEAT-MP DM12. I would have been fired from the Leopard 2.
OH man, you guys are the best. ammocat, many many thanks for the photo, really puts this into perspective for sure.Thank you everyone so much. I have so much to learn about these items. It's great to finally know exactly what this item is.

Now to locate the rest of one of these. LOL
Well in that case, here you go.


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The older target practice HEAT (M831) is the same body shape, so it would also work with your case. The case assembly is made from combustible material from the rubber top of your stub case to the neck of the case. The neck piece shown in the exploded view is made from cardboard and burns up when fired. Here are some examples of the TP-HEAT older design. The new design doesn't use a tail boom and has a longer primer in the case.


  • TP-HEATs.jpg
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Here a few more cartridges.


  • modellenzaal 013.jpg
    modellenzaal 013.jpg
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Here a few more cartridges.

Holy Crap. WOW just speechless to that image. So all those projectiles could and are used with this primer case? I never knew any of this.

I assume this primer case is US? as opposed to British or Cdn. As I said, we used quite a few of these in KAF as outdoor ashtrays. Where they came from, I do not rightly know.
Stub Cartridge Case

The DM model numbers indicate that it was manufacturered in Germany, and more than likely is from one of the Canadian Leopard 2s, as this is one of three types of ammunition that came with the leased tanks.

There may be a chance that it is from a Dutch Leo 2 as these were around KAF for a short period.

Being that the DM18 is a training cartridge I am betting Canadian Leo fired at Tarnac Farms or similar location.

No, all of the projectiles shown will not work with your case. The 5 rounds on the right of the photo posted by BLU97, loaded with HEAT or practice HEAT projectiles are proper with your case. Your case has a short primer. The rounds on the left are hypervelocity and use a case with a primer that extends further towards the mouth of the case. The projectiles I posted earlier are the complete projectile. The tail boom extends closer to the bottom of the case. Due to the extended length of the projectile, a case like yours with stub primer is required.
All the cartridges are German made and used by the Dutch army. I am pretty sure we never used the leopard 2 in afghanisten but the Canadians bought a load of these from the Dutch army and used them in Afghanistan. The case that pylon13 has is german made and the short primer indeed indicates that is from a HEAT cartridge just as HAZORD states.
DM-10 is the modelnumber of the case not the hole cartridges, normaly the nomenclature of complete cartridge is stencilled on the base of the cartidge case.
Canadian Leopard 2

Canada is currently using 20 Leopard 2A6 tanks leased from Germany in Afghanistan with plans to purchase 100 Leopard 2s from the Netherlands.


The leased German tanks came with German ammunition, the DM18A2 is the target practice tracer version of the DM12A2 HEAT-MP cartridge. Both cartridges use the DM10 Cartridge and DM10 is etched in the base of the cartridge case.

On the pictures provided you can see DM18A2 in large white stenciled markings on the base of the cartridge case although a portion is worn off.


  • DM12A2 Base small.jpg
    DM12A2 Base small.jpg
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  • DM12A2 Cartridge small.jpg
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  • DM18A2 Base small.jpg
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  • DM18A2 Cartridge small.JPG
    DM18A2 Cartridge small.JPG
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