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120mm x 500mm Please identify!


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Hello guys!

Picked this one up today. It's exactly 120mm in diameter, and 500mm (give or take a milimeter) in length.

I can only assume that it accepts a 1.5" or 38mm fuze. I assume the non-threaded "plug" that came with it is not original?

The projectile weighs 38 pounds +/-.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance!

It's a french 120 mm HE shell for export, Same shell in 155mm with same fuze
Fuze must be Schneider medium caliber
See American Machinery December 1915
Thank you!

Was this projectile made in France then to be exported? Is the fuze unoriginal?

Does the projectile have a name other than "French 120mm High Explosive"?

I take it that it is World War 1? What kind of gun fired it?

What is American Machinery???? Is it that PDF book I have seen refered to?
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These projectiles were manufactured with the USA and will be dispatched in the Eastern European countries such as Serbia during the first war
The fuze Schneider of average gauge is an alternative of that used on the shells of 105 mm French and on some 120 mm of French manufacture
I do not know a name particular to this type of projectile seldom met
On the other hand I join a photograph of the likely fuzes to the starting of this projectile
On left for your shell, on right for french shell
The reference is well the pdf book of which you refer


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Bump this thread,
Maybe a member could share again the first picture (?)
(picture now deleted, offsite image host photobucket)

I posted that thread 12 years ago.

I can't remember what projectile I was talking about.

I can't even remember my last post on BOCN for that matter.