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125mm apds and 115mm dart


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Someone must have posted pictures of these before on the forum, I just can't find them so here's some anyway.

125mm apds

The dart for a 115mm

A view of the base of the fins, the 115mm fins are on the right.



  • 125 apds & 115 dart.jpg
    125 apds & 115 dart.jpg
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  • 125 apds & 115 dart fins.JPG
    125 apds & 115 dart fins.JPG
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Hi Sg500, they are APFSDS-T projectiles. Here a cutaway model of the one in my collection. The combustable case part replica is made of layers of glued together cartboard (so no live parts).
Note the relatively small tungsten penetrator in the nose.:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

regards DJH


  • 125 mm APFSDS-T Russian  T-72.jpg
    125 mm APFSDS-T Russian T-72.jpg
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  • 125 mm APFSDS-T russian T-72 tungsten core.jpg
    125 mm APFSDS-T russian T-72 tungsten core.jpg
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Thanks DJH, that's a great cutaway, I had no idea the core was so small.
Good representation of the case, you're really turning these things into works of art. How long to do that one?
What nationality are these? Please can you post a picture of the remaining headstamp on the case.
@ BLU, as far as my russian goes it's a BM-15
(second from above)

@ Dave; it took me quite a while. I use the cartboard (3 mm thick) that is used behind pictures. I made it a little wet , bend it round a piece of pipe and dried it on the heater. Alltogether it took me over a week to make this piece.

@ Falcon; it's modern Russian stuff. The 125 mm BM-15 APFSDS-T projectile is used in the main gun of the T-72, the 115mm APFSDS-T projectile is used in the main gun of the T-62 gun.

Regards, DJH
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Thanks DJH, by the way you can also view the link you provided in English.