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13 X 92/SR Mauser


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Just a couple of pictures of a nicely sectioned 13mm Mauser round.
I'm not too familiar with this headstamp. Can anyone help out please?


  • 13 X 92.JPG
    13 X 92.JPG
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  • 13 X 92 projectile.JPG
    13 X 92 projectile.JPG
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  • 13 X 92 headstamp.JPG
    13 X 92 headstamp.JPG
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Api ?

Hi David
Would I be right in assuming that the cavity surrounding the profiled "AP" core would be filled with Phosphorus to aid the spotting of a "hit" ?

Very nice sectioned round by the way !
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Hi Chris, thanks, Mmmm - over to the small arms experts on that one.
Not sure but it sounds like a good theory to me. That could explain the very very small holes (1 or 2, can't remember) that are drilled through the metal jacket of the projectile - presumably to make it a bit safer before the person sectioned it (not me!!).
This is most likely a sectioned "PmK" (Phosphor Mit Kern), meaning a weep-hole type phosphorous armour piercing indediary. Apparently this loading is very rare. Very nice round, I have never seen that headstamp. There was recently a thread about this round on the IAA forum


You should post it there, they will probably be able to give you some more information.