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131 repair.


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This one shows a mind blowing amount of destruction to a very rare projectile.
Its an HE fuzed Crayford that someone obviously had a struggle with to get the fuze out of.
As 131 fuzes seem to be in incredibly short supply has anyone got any bright ideas on how this one can be improved (no, don't say bin it please!).
Should I go down the filler route?


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SG500, My first thought would be to consider the possibility of lightly turning the aluminium body top end to take a turned ring to replace the missing metal ie the bit where the numbers etc go and the wrench slot. If whilst the outer dia is still parallel brass screws could be drilled and tapped into it then turn the angle on between shell body and brass nose it would look more authentic. Could try a model engineer with a very small milling m/c to put in the wrench slot. Or you could give it all to me incl the shell then you wouldn't have to worry about it. 2pr
Thanks for the advice 2 pounder sounds tricky but would give a good result. Thanks also for the kind offer to take it off my hands, I'll struggle on with it as it is at the moment............

Hi Dave,
Ouch ! Why is it always the rare bits that get mangled? That cut down red queen case springs to mind as well, it would be a real shame to have to consign it to the spares bin. Please keep us updated on any progress you make with this, best regards Weasel.