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149/35 APHE-projectile, Italy


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here are some other images of the 149mm/35 APC-HE-projectile mod. 32-38, used by the Italians before/during WW II. The projectile is base fuzed and is dated 1935.
Enjoy the images!
Mrfuze, USA
(looking for all types of fuzes for trade and buy!)


  • 149-35 mod.32-38. 1. Italy.jpg
    149-35 mod.32-38. 1. Italy.jpg
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  • 149-35 mod.32-38. 1a. Italy.jpg
    149-35 mod.32-38. 1a. Italy.jpg
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wonderful.... :cry:this shell was adopted in 1942 and there is no trace on manuals...
could you post a picture of driving band and base??
thanks for share, best regards
base view and rotating band

....here they are.........


  • 149-35 mod.32-38. 1b. Italy.jpg
    149-35 mod.32-38. 1b. Italy.jpg
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  • 149-35 mod.32-38. 1c. Italy.jpg
    149-35 mod.32-38. 1c. Italy.jpg
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190mm APHE, NOT 149/35mm !!!!!!!!!!!!!

:sad: Sorry., I made a mistake, I INTERCHANGED this projectile with the 149/35 capped projectile. I just found out when I had to move the projectile to make the base images!!! THIS IS A 190MM APHE-base fuzed projectile. I examined it for any markings, the only ones I found on the base , is : " Em 5 45 P 8 918 ". Sorry for my mistake:nerd:
I will post, however, the 149/35 within the next weeks.
Mrfuze, USA
italian had some 190mm, was 190/45 armstrong mod 1906 and vickers mod 1908, ( I think was english 7,5in gun mod 1905) both on pontone......

on 1st picture, pontone.

and the shell fired by italian 190/45
as you can see the ballistic cap was missing on ww1 shell, and base plug it's different. but it's possible that was an after ww1 re-arrangement. italian made this.
on 4th picture you can see a 152/45 navy shell, can you note the base plug, very similar to yours.
markings: 12hour (caliber 152/45) 3hour (year of manufacture 2 918) 6hour ( P ) 9hour ( lot?? 1619 ec)

other markings you can find was "nodo sabaudo" ( on 5th pic)


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    2009 03 31_0116.jpg
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    granate rid.jpg
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other markings on body
2 1918

and the shell

and if was an english shell???

best regards


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