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155mm Jap Case


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Hi chaps posted for info on projectiles for this before,had no luck. Here are pics of the case. I was informed its a 155mm Jap ww2 Mountain gun case. Any info to add to this appreciated,Tony.Ps 155mm x 318 x 170 R.
I dont know much about jap ordnance I have a few bits of info on the weapons that fired the shells and only have a rough picture of a 75mm jap mountain gun projectile and case, 155mm seems a huge caliber for dragging through the mountains glad it wasnt me.
Hi Daz, It was called a mountain gun because it could be broken down into a few parts for transport,pretty well the same as a pack howitzer,65mm m-gun,used by italy,or the skoda 75mm mountain gun m1915,are good examples,have any members got any pics of a 75mm skoda he or shrapnell projectile? Cheers.
Hi Tony
Here is a page from a manual on the German 7.5cm Geb K15 Skoda mountain gun & a photo of a round