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16mm Signal Kit Pistol


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Firstly apologies for the standard of this cutaway i did this a couple of years ago and its definately not the best,but it still shows how the 16mm signal pistol functions.
These Military issued pistols are now classed as firearms

The Signal Kit Pyrotechnic Pistol 16 mm No. 1 Mk 3 provides a lightweight and compact self-contained signal kit which can also be used in individual survival packs
There are three types of kit available. Each of them comprises a plastic
weatherproof pouch containing a hand-held pyrotechnic pistol and eight signal
cartridges. Each kit contains either eight Red, eight White or eight Green flares, and
is marked according to the colour of flares, both by stencilling and embossed
symbols, the latter providing tactile information during darkness.
When fired vertically, the cartridges eject a coloured flare which burns for
5 seconds above a height of approx 52 m reaching a zenith of approx 91.5 m. The​
flare is visible and its colour identifiable from a distance of approx 1500 m.


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further information


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These Military issued pistols are now classed as firearms

Less of the 'now' to my knowledge they've been Sec.1 Firearms for a minimum of 30 years.


Hey sorry ,just going by what a couple of Ammo Techs told me a couple of years ago when they brought 100s of these to us to dispose of,when we tried blagging some off them they said they couldnt give us any now as they had been recently been categorised as firearms

Probably poorly worded on my part, I wasn't having a 'go' at you. They have definitely been Sec 1. Firearms since 1977 or before. As a youngster I had a holiday job in a ship's chandlers and remember selling these and having to inspect Firearm certificates etc. The reason they are Sec 1 is due to fact that the metal cartridge case has deemed to be a barrel.

Its worth noting that a lot of police officers consider all 'Miniflare' projectors (MkI, II + III) to be sec. 1 Firearms (which is definitely NOT the case) and despite one's protestations to the contrary one could easily end up at police station if you are found in possession of one.


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Here are some pictures of the non FAC version of the miniflare.

You can see how the flare cup fits over the plastic bayonet fitting with the primer in it.

The firing pin is central in this type, where as the military ones have an offset firing pin for a rimfire primer

This is an older one, I'm not sure if current production are the same.


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Here are a few of the US gyrojet version.


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