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17A Clocks


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Once again i am very gratefull to Ben and Waff for helping me find
a set of clocks that will grace my newley restored 17a fuse.:tinysmile_shy_t:

After several sets sent back and forth none were suitable for organ
donation,as both escape wheels had broke as was my set.:sad:

I received a small parcel with some clocks that were making a rather strange ticking noise so of they went to the cleaners and on last reports
they have been ticking for 2 hours.:dancing2:

with my original clocks waiting for the right part to come along one day
this has enabled me to get this fuse presentable again and will be posting soon.

Thanks Waff me old mate supremo sacrifice well noted :beer:

Best phil
No worries Phil and thank you.:tinysmile_shy_t:

Im just glad myself and the old Dutchmeister could help you out on the quest.

I have to find Ben a minty set of 17 external clocks now! Gonna be a toughie,but i will get there.