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17A Restoration 3


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Well day two of the strip down and all went as well as could be
With a junior hacksaw blade heavily modified i worked for one hour
freeing up the inner plastic collar from the lower case.
This finally came out after all the circumferance was cleaned out.

Not being able to free the clock housing from the outer case i ended
up using a lot of heat,and then a drop of the real mcoy liquid N,
to get a massive reaction in the two metal surfaces.

Still no budging and whilst turning into an ice cube i put the outer case
on a 5 ton overhead press expecting the lower case to crumble.
with a couple of good pushes the casing finally let go of the clocks,
but i still had to use extensions to push the clock casing fully out.

With the clock casing on the bench i drilled out the two retaining screws
expecting the movement to push out.
!No Chance! as they were as jammed as the rest of it was.
So back to the press and the insertion of a 10mm long reach socket
and gentle power,although damaging the metal spinning wheel at the base of the clocks and slight distortion of the back plate,they are ready to go to the Repair shop.
The main thing is the balance wheel is free and turning and as pointed out
by Fuseman the fuse had never run so might get away with the mainspring.


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Nice one Phil,it looks like i never stood a chance with that block of wood and hammer to remove those cruddy ones i have!
Those ones of yours are looking in good shape.