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17pdr AP Band Replacement


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I have a 17pdr AP-T projectile, that is fired, but otherwise in perfect shape. I'd like to replace the driving bands if at all possible. Does anyone know if this can be done, or has ever been done. and who can do it.

andysarmoury has just replaced one on a 3lber,i suggest waiting to see him on site and send a PM,im sure he will be happy to advise
Hi Richard,You can do this two ways.You will need an unfired shell as a reference to get profile correct,whichever method you choose. Remove old band carefully,measure A,width of band. B,depth of band, You MUST allow a couple MM extra depth to allow for final machineing and rifleing wear.Obtain a STRIP of new copper of correct dimensions and a bit longer(just in case!!!)This can be carefully tapped into the recess in the shell,leaving a slight gap where they meet(aprox 2mm),then welded using either a tig welder or gas welder.Then machined in a lathe to match correct profile.The other method involves making a copper RING that is a tight fit over shell,same width/Depth as before,then getting this pressed into the shell.(Hydraulic hose crimper works ok)Machine to finish as before.The biggest problem is finding someone to do it!The second method is the neatest as it doesnt discolour the copper band.Dont know if this helps. Tigbrand.(ps Bovington was a washout!)
Hi Tig, Thanks for that, I think I know a chap that has his own lathe, and I have another 17PDR to copy....the only thing now is, to get some copper. Anyone have any ideas ?
Hi Rich,your mate with the lathe should be able to get it,another source being bands off fired projectiles that are u/s.
A good supply of suitable Copper material would be an electrical wholesaler who sells "Buzz Bar" for heavy current applications, but be warned it will be expensive as Copper is now fetching silly money for scrap!!
Good luck with your project !:eek:hmy: