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17pdr proj question?


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Hi Chaps,
A pal of a pal has asked why has he got more than one tracer in the bottom of his 1946 dated AP proj compared to a single standard tracer?


The capped armour-piercing shot fitted with a ballistic cap is similar to the A.P.C. shot, but is provided with a light steel ballisitic cap secured to the exterior of the penetrative cap. The ballistic cap is curved to a radius of 10 calibres. The shot is prepared for internal tracer. Later Marks of this shot and of the A.P.C. may be fitted with three separate tracers and possibly four, arranged concentrically in the base.

Source: Maintenace Manual for the Ordnance, Q.F. 17-PR., Mark I. 1946
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Sorry Gents,no pics available and there are indeed 4 tracers.
Nice one Q for the quote. :)