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18-cm bomb, projectile or minenwerfer?


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I thought this might have been a 17-cm minenwerfer projectile, but the dimensions do not seem to fit. It might be a bomb or a projectile. The base seems a bit thin to withstand the shock of firing. Dimensions are:
length - 45 cm;
diameter at bourellet - 18 cm;
diameter at indent (for driving band?) 17.3 cm;
fuze hole diameter 6.8 cm.

There are 12 rivets around the base inside the projectile in two rows of six. the wall thickness at the indent for the driving band(?) is 1 cm. No markings except 5 17 on the bourrel and 1 92 near the base.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Similar to a 28 Pound Practice Bomb.

It looks more like the front end of a fabricated Bomb, whereby a dissimilar metal is riveted onto the rear ?

Reminds me very much of a 28 Pound Practice Bomb.

Good luck in identifying it !