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18 pdr cutaway


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Hi can anybody help i am in the middle of doing a 18pdr cutaway and has anyone got any ideas how to fix the balls in, i have tried using plaster of paris but it sweats all the time and drips water so i have removed it and want to start again. :laugh: Andy

Why don't you use normal body filler or a two part wood filler a bit cheaper, you can colour the filler used powder paint, use just the powder.

you need to use a material that is not water based i would and have used succesfully a two part epoxy resin glue such as aradite as strong as nails when set can be painted and sanded while setting.

Cheers DAZ
Could use contact glue with activator spray to fix in place the without having to
copletely fill voids between balls! ;)
Just a suggestion, but I have one that uses wax as a method of holding the balls in place. Not water based, seals nicely and gets fairly hard. Also easy to remove if necessary.
Hi i am about to start sorting this one out i got side tracked doing the 25pdr and that took some hacksawing, i have been trying different things out on a 18pdr thats been cut in half first i tried plaster and drilled the holes for the balls and glued them in but that made the case rust even when it was primed. so i am about to try wax so i will keep you all posted.:)
You can try naturel resin, just as they did it in the old days. it can be easely made fluid by heating it and pour it in.