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18 pdr

hi all.

just come across these 18 pdr shell cases in a field today.

can any one tell me what the markings on the base mean .

i know they are ww1 cos of the date but not sure of the other bits.....

best regards paul........
18 Pdr.

On the first shell:

This is Canadian and made by the Montreal Ammunition Co., (MAC)

1915 is the date of the case
14.10.15 is the date of filling
CF is Cordite Full charge and shows the case has only been loaded once.
I am not sure about the JG though.

The primer was made by Page Engineering Co., 26 Lower Tower Street, Birmingham.

The lower picture:
PB is either Pilkington Bros, St.Helens or Platt Bros. Ltd of Oldham.
14.10.15 Date of filling
CF Cordite Full charge, again only loaded once.

Trust this helps,

If you enlarge the image, theres a faint E.O.C stamped at 3 Oclock.

For the benefit of Paul and others, the case was made by

Armstrong, Sir W.G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd.,
Cartridge Case Company (Trading as Elswick Ordnance Company), Birtley, Co. Durham.
Phone : 32 Birtley
T/A : Carfac

The primer was made by;

Kings Norton Metal Company, Kings Norton Metal Works, Birmingham.


legible stampings

I just love the deep stampings on the British shell casings. It's like when they made them, someone stopped and thought "somebody may want to collect these one day so lets stamp 'em so you can read 'em". My point absolutely nothing I guess...Dano
Nice find, they look to be in sound condition. Were they buried or on the surface?
I would like to know what else is in this field!!!!! Cheshire is a bit far off for me,but,have spade,will travel!!!!!
hi guy,s .

many thanks for your imput on the shell markings ..

the shells came from my mates farm which used to be a ww1/ww2 ammo dump .every year we find something on the ploughing . here is a fuse i found last year ......

best regards paul........:)
Nice fuze,Paul,especially for a ground dug example.There's lots of fields like
yours in France and Belgium,didn't realise we had them over here too.
The soil there must be close to pH neutral as the items appear to be just tarnished and not coppered where the zinc has come out of the brass leaving only copper.