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18 pounder projectile markings


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Hi All, I have a question regarding markings on an 18 pounder projectile, it belongs to a fellow collector here in NZ who is seeking some answers.
can anyone enlighten me as to the meanings please?

7 41
Q F 18 P R
F1 / VI R
18 5 18
Thanks in advance
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18pr marking

Some of the answer, shells have two sets of markings, one is stamped on the body when made and the other is painted on when filled. Yours appear to be the stampings. QF 18pr is quick firing 18pr ie the gun the shell is for, 1X could be IX which is the mark of shell (British tended to use Roman numerals for mark no.s), FS means that the shell has been made from forged steel, F1/ VI R is probably the maker but I don't know whom, and 18.8.18 is the date of manufacture.