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1864 Enfield P56 cavalry carbine markings


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OK guys, step forward all percussion musket experts. The attached photo shows markings on the butt of an Enfield cavalry carbine that I picked up at auction yesterday. The circle has a crown with R and M each side of it and enfield along the bottom. What does the R and M stand for? Also what about the HB over 86 markings? any suggestions please? thanks, Dave


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hi ya dave

just a stab in the dark here reference the r and m over enfield maybe completely wrong but think this marking has been added at some stage possibly during the war as a kind of war reserve stock of weapons or been reconditioned there at some stage
think the R and M stands for royal and maltby which would be
Royal Ordnance Factory Maltby which was making enfields during and after ww2
but like i say maybe wrong but it kind of sounds possible sure somebody on here will know but i will try and do some more digging cheers

from chris