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18pdr Incendiary


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Hi could anybody tell me what shade of red the 18pdr Incendiary shell would be as i want to paint one and what type of markings and coloured bands they had,
Many thanks
The only colour references I have are from a 1940 dated 18 PR manual.

Not what you wanted but its the best i've got. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t



  • BOCN 18 PR.jpg
    BOCN 18 PR.jpg
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This is all i have found so far andy a small bit at the bottom of the page
from 1917


  • Notes Ammo QF 13 pr QF 18 pr  1917.PDF - Adobe Reader.jpg
    Notes Ammo QF 13 pr QF 18 pr 1917.PDF - Adobe Reader.jpg
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Thanks quatermass and spotter for your help i just wanted to paint one as i have four shrapnel rounds all black and wanted something different
Thanks again