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1916 pipe Verdun Stick Grenade

In 1916 for the Verdun offensive speciality shops made pipe type grenades for the obvious multidude that were needed for the offensive. On page 83 of Bulgarian and German Hand Grenades such a pipe stick grenade is shown. It has a solid cast head and a sort of home-made looking carved stick attached. Now look at the grenade on the far right of attached thumbnail. The head is obviously good, but I wonder if a later stick was added at a recent date to complete a "stickless" grenade. The stick is obviously old but just seems off key. Thought I might pick at a few of you stick grenade collector guys brains? any thoughts? comments? Bring it on, I can take it! Me and the little woman have been hitting the rumba punch pretty hard all day so I hope this makes some kind of sense. Dano


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