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1927 bomb and bomb fuze manual


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I thought some of you might be interested in these colour plates from an RAF bomb and bomb fuze manual from the mid 20s. Fuzes to follow. Dave


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bombs Pt 2

bombs part 2, fuzes/pistols to follow


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I love these old coloured drawings in the training manuals, some of them are so detailed, like an art form all of there own. Nice manuals Dave. Tony.
yes, that particular manual has never been out of a book case - the pages are totally crisp and clean. I keep all my manuals in the dark now (as well as the wife and the kids) to ensure they don't fade.
there were 2 from the same source Steve, the other being slightly better but someone else has that!
I agree, any chance for some scans ? I'd be willing to part with a some cash for a decent scan of those books.
sorry Eric & tc464, but I don't have a scanner and these books are getting too fragile to open out fully - hence the lopsided photos. I don't want to risk splitting the binding. Dave