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2" Illg with parachute surprise...


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We were on holiday in Denmark a few years back and came accross a 2" mortar round in one of the shops. It was covered in postwar stencils in white and since it was so cheap, bought it.
Started cleaning off all the crud when i got home and this was what was hiding underneath...
Body marked 5/43 W.F.Ltd. Lot 1468
Tail fins marked B.I.C 10/45
The endcap is something i made up from an old tin that was the right size. I've just gone with drawings for how it should look (raised P).
Never seen a picture an end cap but happy enough with something there.

All the best


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Nice surprise.

Hi Turpin what a nice surprise that must have been, as for the end cap I reckon from memory you have got that pretty accurate, as I recall made from tinned steel sheet then lacquered for weather resistance (light brown/Tan colour).
Illg with parachute

Hi Chris
Thanks mate.
Is the colour the same as say, gammon grenade? Buff?

All the best
Light Brown Lacquer

Sorry Turpin but I am not familiar with Gammon Grenade Buff !

I can only liken the colour to a light brown or Tan colour in Lacquer-so it would be very light-perhaps like Brass that has been Lacquered.

It is ironic that I got rid of all mine in order to have room for the bigger stuff !
And sadly I did so before getting the camera-so no pictures either.
I am sure someone here will have a few detailed pictures of the top lids complete with Lacquer !
The lacquer is a shellac ie button polish meths based. Being tinned they were not really lacquered as this was enough protection. The lid was secured with transparent tape and sealed with a rubber resin. I noticed that you have a No 4 or 5 tail unit where most ww2 metal tail fins were a No 3 tail unit.
Illg with parachute

Thanks for the help guys!
Hope someone can post a pic or maybe have one for sale.
All the best

Thanks for the help guys!
Hope someone can post a pic or maybe have one for sale.
All the best


Hello Turpin 42,
Are these pictures any help? Your copy is very good.


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Many thanks

Hi Navyman
Thanks a million for the pics.
It's one thing looking at drawings but it's so much better with pictures of the real thing.

All the very best

Re your metalwork

if thats the sort of quality u can make from a piece of tin ive got some bodwork needs sorting on my car if you want.