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2 inch practice


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Hi,I bought this 2 inch solid practice ages ago,i nearly sold it,but recently removed the vice marks from the body and repaired the other damage to the body. still need some perfect steel fins,but have found a mint cap,so nearly there.Thanks to the recent posts,i can now identify the original brown paint as the same shellac finish as found on the He rounds.Should be able to touch in the bare bits and save the original yellow band.The pic is an old one,before i started.Now the winters coming its time to restore a load of bits.Tony.
Thats a really nice looking round Tig, look forward to seeing the finished item. Best Weasel.
Have you had a look inside some are sand filled or filled with a waxy type inert substance. I have found that some times they leave the cardboard collars and cotton discs inside from ones that have been converted to dummy or practice rounds. I am sure you know but for those new to 2"inch stuff the fuze head is left handed.
2" practice round?

New to the forum.
Hope it's ok to post this message here but need some help with a pair of 2" rounds.
Both were in bare metal when i bought them but I've repainted one as HE after taking it apart.
There was a pin through the threads holding the endcap (had to drill it out)
Both have endcaps dated 1941 (are these transport caps?)
Wooden block and sand inside. Traces of blue paint.
Any ideas what the colours should really be?
Because of the blue paint i was wondering about postwar use?

Havent seen this type of practice grenade before.
Both bodies are stamped 1942.

Thank you for any help with this





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Hi mate, saw similiar the other day,wartime stocks of HE converted to practice post war,usually filled with sand or pitch and painted practice blue,with white stencilling. Very nice repaint by the way,well done.Tony.
Hi Turpin42,
I must agree with Tigbrand there what a great paint job..! You can upload pics directly to BOCN in the future as it makes viewing them faster and easier for other members and we are here to gather as much knowlage and related info in one place as we can. Thanks for posting and look forward to seeing what you do with the other one.
Best regards Weasel.
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Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the help. Great to finally find the right place to ask!
Been working on getting repaints looking right for a while now. Trial and error...
Have a repainted no.77 phos and just got finished doing a cutaway no.69.
I can post some pics later.
Tried to upload the pics direct but couldnt figure it out. Are there any postings explaining it?

All the best