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2 new arrivals

I don't want to put some of the more advanced collectors to sleep here, but here are my 2 new arrivals. First is your basic m1917 German WW1 egg grenade, which is the first i've owned with the big assed grip ring lugs that are large and beveled. I try not to split hairs (are you out there Jeeeensy) but this is the first of the "big toothed" lugged eggs that i've owned. Second is a 4.5inch British Howitzer shell case. The headstamp is very pronounced and readable. It is a heavy SOB and I love it (I hope my slipshod camera shows the details). I guess i'm tooting my own horn here but my purchases are becomming few and far between and i'm proud as i'm proud of my children, whose birthdays are all in JULY (ages 19, 22 and 26). Thanks to all in here who have helped so much as joining BOCN has been HUGE. Best move I made besides paying off my house early....Peace out..Dano


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4.5 better pic

Well, as I thought my old POS camera did not do good enough for the headstamp on the British 4.5 inch howitzer shell casing, so I have shown the pic as I saw it on SA. I hope you don't mind Keith...Dano


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Nice case Dano, have you tried putting your camera on "Macro" setting for the close up photos?

Electronically challanged

Well SG500 I am electronically challanged. I bought this camera used off the internet and it came with no directions (might not have helped me anyway). I'm sure you are right as this is a good camera. Have stumbled through settings for some test pics, but just can'r get it dialed in. I have a new camera coming which should be pretty good if it lives up to the advertisment. When one of my kids visit I always am tempted to have them show me the ins and outs of the camera, but when they arrive I get caught up in "catching up" that I always forget. So when my camera arrives (pentax optio) it is new and I will get directions, a very new and upgraded rechargable battery, and possibly a new lease on life!! So when my "testing" threads start coming through, please bear with me and I promise to get it dialed in to make some "cracking" shots. Thanks for inquiry...Dano
Nice case, looks to be unfired as well, I've been looking for one of these for a while. They're not that common in the UK compared to cases such as 18 Pounders.

Your case was made by Elswick Ordnance Company, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. (Sorry if you already knew).
Hi Dano,
Very nice new additions, that case looks to be in really cracking condition. Keep us posted on your next purchases.
Happy hunting and best regards Weasel.

To be pedantic the case was made by Armstrong Whitworth trading as Elswick Ordnance Company.

I would go further than Falcon and say there are no markings to suggest that the case has ever been filled

I am unaware of the meaning of the 3(?) in the diamond above EOC

Of note is that this factory and the projectile factory were both established during the Great War. However, there was a serious labour shortage and as a consequence 6,000 Belgians were shipped to Birtley, where they formed their own village called Elisabethville (after the Belgian Queen). They even brought Belgian Gendarmes with them, by whom they were policed. The community was known locally as the Birtley Belgians. From what I gather the Projectile Factory was staffed almost entirely by Belgians and I would suspect that an high, if not very high percentage of their staff at Birtley were Belgians as well. The Armstrong Whitworth factory subsequently became ROF Birtley, utilising the RLB monogram. Although they have the machinery, they no longer manufacture cartridge cases but now manufacture projectiles.

Armstrong, Sir W.G., Whitworth and Co., Ltd.,
Cartridge Case Company, Birtley, Co. Durham.
Phone : 32 Birtley
T/A : Carfac

Birtley National Projectile Factory. (Maurice S. Gibb)
Birtley, Co. Durham.
Phone : 29 Birtley
T/A : Anglobelge


thanks gentlemen

Thanks to TimG and Falcon, quite a bit of information on my new howitzer shell casing and it is most definately appreciated. Of all the shell casings, my favorite is the Howitzers as thay have that cool stubby look to them (guess that sounds like something a chick might say), and again on this British 4.5 the headstamp is so strong that I just love it. Again gentlemen thanks so much for the history lesson....Dano
4.5in how

Nice case Dano, Falcon is correct in that good ones are not easy to get in the uk, now for the bad news, 4.5 MKI cases were slightly shorter at 73mm long so you really need to try and get both types. 2pr
The primer is interesting, it looks like its cap was never fitted and there were never any markings applied, maybe taken from the production line. The case could have been as well. What does the top of the primer inside the case look like?
inside case

Hi Falcon, Here are pics of inside of case of 4.5..Dano


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It appears to be what I suspected, the primer has never been filled. The brass screw in the middle may unscrew, the percussion cap was inserted underneath it. It also looks like it is threaded for a flash tube, this calibre would have had the primer sealed by a thin brass disc with six lines cut across it in a star shape that would blow open on firing.

I will always kick myself for not buying one of these for 3 at a car boot sale on my high school's grounds in 2005 when I was about 14. I thought it was a cut down case as it looked odd. It did have a crack in the case mouth but who can complain for 3?