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2 Pdr. Exptl.


Hi, here is my last posting today, a dwg. titled: 'Cartridge Q.F. 2pdr 75 cal. gun with H.E. shell, fuzed No.255'. The shell is titled ' HE S/L 2pdr. HV and looks like a Bofors style proj. A mention is made to developing a HE shell for the Pipsqueak gun, whether this has anything to do with the project is unknown. Cheers, Ron.


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Thanks nice, thanks for showing it Ron.
All we have to do now is find one!!
40/60 Bofors or 2 Pounder ??????

I have always assumed (possibly erroneously) that the pictured shell was just a simple experiment using a 40/60 HE Projectile and firing it through a 2 Pounder-having seen your drawing I now wonder whether this could be one of your experimental 2 Pounders ?

I always thought it odd from the moment I was given it.



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Hi Chris, I've offered up a L60 Bofors projectile to my 2PR 75CAL case and the cannelure on the shell is lower than the segmented crimps on the case so I'm afraid your projectile wasn't fired with this case. :tinysmile_cry_t: