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20 mm projectile unknow


Hi !
please anyone could help, me to identify this item
probably not a 2 cm flak
this projectile has been found on an abandoned airfield
it has been fired at the time of air raids in 1944
from what weapon does it come?
thanks for any help
20mm-US-Velage160709A_redimensionner.jpg 20mm-US-Velage160709D_redimensionner.jpg

20mm-US-Velage160709F_redimensionner.jpg 20mm-US-Velage160709J_redimensionner.jpg
20mm hispano ?

looks like 20 mm hispano heads i found 3 but they had not went off left them on the beach the fuzes are still live as the head casing be very careful the british used high explosive incendiay or he fillings very unstable .
the HEI or HE round had a terrible habit of not going off if it never hit something very hard thats why there are hundreds on beaches unexploded , anything found with a fuse is not got stuff to have in the house be careful

Can you read what is stamped on the fuze? It does not look like either British or German fuze marking to me.

Ken 68 - The British fillings were actually quite stable. Also, if the shells were not fitted with a self destruct fuze mechanism than they will not necessarily detonate if they land in water.


anything with a fuse scares me unless its inert.... this photo shows what happened when a round fell off the table after a dive unless you work with explosives be careful thats all cheers ken
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Why were they bringing up live munitions in the first place?


i dont know why the munitions were brought up . shall i remove the pic not sure if i should have posted it sorry if it has offended the chap did survive but has a very sore foot :sad:
regards ken