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20-Pdr Projectile


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Hi all,
I recently acquired a flat-headed unfired 20-pounder projectile. Its overall length to base of "skirt" is 235mm, and on the side it is stamped as follows:-
D2 L 5564\E\256
20 LB
There are other faint, small stamps in various places which look like inspector's marks.
On the base is stamped
20 PR MK4
PAT LOT12 757
It has about 50% of its original (?) greyish-black paint, (where the paint has gone there is light surface rust, most of which can be removed with a small brass-wire brush) and appears to be stencilled in off-white on the side:-
20 PR MK 4
D2 ) L ) 5564 /E/256
(Again, about 35% of the stencilling has gone). So my questions are:-
1. Is this a practice projectile or a proof one?
2. What is the meaning of the stampings on side and base?
3. Should I leave it as it is, or
a) just touch up the missing stencilling, or
b) get rid of all the rust with Kur-Rust or similar, and do a complete repaint?
20Pdr FNP

Howdy ydnum303,

Does your 20Pdr Flat Nose Proof look anything like these?

LH is HE/AP proof, RH is APDS proof.

Regards Ozzi.


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Hi Ozziammo,
Yes, it's exactly like the one on the left, even looks to have the same stamps and stencilling. However, mine has a lot less paint than yours. So, I presume that this is an "issue" Proof proj, rather than an experimental of any kind, so probably not particularly scarce. Any idea what the stamps/stencils mean? (OK, I understand the "20 PR MK 4", but if this is Mk 4, what were the previous Mks, and how did they differ?)
Many thanks,