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20 x 70 RB Becker HE


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I got delivery of this today, i have seen the SAP version before but have never come across this variant so had to get it. Very well stamped on the fuze base of projectile and head stamp although most are a mystery to me, so if anyone has any info on the fuze in particular i would be grateful.
ciao Weasel
wonderful item. it's a 2nd model projectiles.
I know exhist 2 kind of prejectiles;
1st with straight case
2nd with slightly bottle necked case.
total case lenght 69,7mm
pictures shows this better than my poor word

this is 1st model
and this 2nd model
you could distinguish some little differnces...
here better,
the 2 type of projectiles in comparison
left 2nd model, right 1st
Hi Fert,
Thankyou for the info, very interesting. I have seen the shorter case without a bottleneck before but don't have one yet. I will keep looking until i find one.
Hi Dave,
Thank you very much for the picture of the fuze, that is just what i have been looking for.
Best Weasel.
A few photos from a friends collection, unfortunately they're not mine.
Sharp eyed people will notice the one on the right which isn't a Becker but definitely one to keep your eyes open for...........(20mm Ehrhard).
The "fuze" on the left in the first and second pictures is the scarce zinc practice version.
All inert etc.

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