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20 X 99 Shvak AP cored


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Just a couple of pictures of the 20 X 99 Shvak.
This ones the AP version with a tungsten core.
It was produced in large numbers in WW2 and remined in service into the Korean war period when it was replaced with the 23X115 round.
It was also used as a subcalibre round.


  • 20mm shvak 1.JPG
    20mm shvak 1.JPG
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  • 20mm shvak 2.JPG
    20mm shvak 2.JPG
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  • 20mm shvak 3.JPG
    20mm shvak 3.JPG
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I take it this is not live, you must have missed that bit on your post?

Yes, rest assured ALL the stuff I show on the forum is INERT and primers oiled.
There is a hole in the back of this one.
None repeat none of the rounds I show are live, I only collect INERT.
Hope this helps.
No worries at all, I'm particularly careful regarding that, usually post all sorts of messages on my e mails for the benefit of the internet police when I send pictures.
How easy is it to find inert rounds in this calibre for sale? I hae been looking for one for a while.