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20MM aircraft cannon



does anyone have a detailed Exploded diagramme of the breech section of a 20mm aircraft cannon as fitted to British bombers , in WW2.
I have what i think is part of an extractor , which im trying to identify.the only marking is G224
Thanks in advance
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If yo do have a 20mm Hispano part, it will probably br form a fighter, as British bombers were normally armed with .303 Brownings.

I will try to find you a picture of the Hispano breech.

Hi Tony
Many thanks, the item which i have came from a British bomber airfield bomb dump, ive been told it could be part of the extractor.
pictures attached


  • SD2 file Museum of Tech 018.jpg
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This looks like it is made of phosphor bronze or similar.
Not many weapons have this type of material in them. Usually an alloy steel.
Try a magnet on it.
If it was in a bomb dump then could be part of a fuse extractor/inserter. Especially if made of non magnetic metal this would make sense as some fuzes were sensitive to magnetic effects due to higher chance of an electric current being generated.