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20mm Proj


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I have this 20mm proj, but can't find anything that comes close to it, I thought it might be a Becker AP??

Any further thoughts?




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Hi Ozzi
Afraid to me it looks like an Oerlikon 20mm (APT?) minus its driving band.
How long is it?
20mm Proj.

Howdy hicky1300,

The projectile is 79.9mm OAL, the drive band width is 3.25mm, I have measured an Oerlikon d/band & it measures 4.7mm, I still can't pin it down!

Any one got any pics of a Becker AP out of it's cart?

Regards Ozzi.
clearer Becker pic

I got a tad better image of the Becker, so I deleted last post. These are 20mm Becker projectiles and look very different than yours Ozzi...Dano


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More Becker

Hi Ozzi, Here is another por pic of 3 Becker rounds. Your projectile looks very similar to one on right minus driving band??? Yi dunno,,,Dano


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Here is a (poor) picture of the Becker AP round. You should be able to scale the length above the driving band from it though.

I still think it is an Oerlikon AP round, because the driving band may well overlap the actual corrugations in the shell which would account for the width discrepancy.



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Nice rounds Tony.
Are you sure the one on the right isn't a 20mm Ehrhardt round, its slightly different to the Becker?