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20mm projectile



Hi my friend Nicolas Trudgian (the renowned aviation artist) has sent me a piccy of a 20mm projectile his friend wants id'ing can anyone help , I though it looks like a hispano but the driving band looks funny and it looks a funny colour I just know someone on here knows what it is .
Thanks in advance DAZ
It looks like a Hispano ball round to me. It is hard to tell but seems to be just a bright steel proj that has lost its paint. I agree the driving band has not got the chamfered forward edge but we don't know who made it.

TonyE wrote:
It looks like a Hispano ball round to me.


Me to... Can you ask your friend if the projectile has any stamps on it?

Hi weasel he said there was no markings on it when I asked him I thought it might be hispano or oerlikon S but the driving band looks weird .
It looks from that picture alone as if it is an unfinished item (like spotter questioned) but its only recognition from a picture
This is my 20mm which looks very much the same as yours apart from the driving band,The cartridge mine came with is marked 20mm ASC 1942 M21A1 ,I assume the round is original to the cart but not 100% sure

close up of my driving band (unfired)

I have several similar, ball, HE and SAP/I, all with chamferless bands, all came from an in service source. I assumed it was an economic expediency .
From what you all say I think it might be a souvenier liberated from an armaments factory before being finished .
Does anyone have any of those lovely drawings of these rounds showing different types of projectiles.
These are from the british 20mm SAA pamphlet and show the colour codes in service. I think I have posted this before but never mind.



I'm no expert on shells this small, but the driving band looks too thin, much thinner than ones that I have. It doesn't look thick (proud) enough to properly engage the rifling.

Could it just have been polished or milled down?

hi Berni, the ones I have are full size, just no champfer. Mine came from an RAF source. Dave