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246 Fuse.

recks and relics

hi Tigbrand :tinysmile_shy_t:
i take it Rickoshea had fallen out with you is that why he gave you that fuse???,
only kidding it looks great nice relic ?
kind regards armystuff,
246 fuze

oy oy, I heard that! Actually it was part of a load of bits from Studland Bay following a few days of high winds that blew the sand away from more heavy objetcs leaving them standing proud on the surface - got loads of bits! Rrickoshae
hi mate :tinysmile_shy_t:
only having fun i love the old relic fuzes i bought a bunch from waff infact he is bringing me some more ?
adds a bit of carector to the collection
regards Armystuff,
hi Rrickoshea
i have also came across some of these fuzes solid brass type have you any idea what they are ?
Armystuff :tinysmile_tongue_t:
PS nice relic finds
yes, they are 119 - standard DA fuzes for HE shell. Most of the items are Canadian manufacture and dated 1942 - training for Dieppe perhaps. The same type of fuze without the knurled ring is the 117. The 119 was basically a 117 with a graze function added. The knurled ring around the centre was for night recognition between the 2. There was a black painted ring for day recognition. They would have been used in most large HE shell in use at the time - 25pdrs, 5,5 inch etc. Dave
hi there
cheers for the detailed info mate .
a friend of mine found some while digging drainage ditches on the farm and gave them to me ,
i can now tell him what he found
regards Armystuff
Found some of them brass fuses on the moors a few years ago------- one still had the shell attatched so I left it there