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25 pdr Gun


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25pdr Gun used by many commonwealth countries during WW2 and remained in British service into the 1980s
Calibre 87mm(3.45in)
Range 12,252m (13,400 yds)
Ammunition types HE ,Ap shot,BE smoke,flare,illumination,incidiary,radar echo,chemical.propoganda leaflet
Hi Spotter
I went to a museum the other day in Norfolk and thought you would like to see this.:Andy
Nice pic andy cheers ,This is only photo i have of myself on one about 1987,i do have dvd fotage of live fire exercise i was on showing the guns firing(,not best quality as was from a video) .Shows 25pdr firing,milan firing,mortars etc i will post some clips when i can find out how to edit it to go on pc

Hi guys the Irish Defence Forces still use the 25 Pounder. I have fired hundreds of rounds through it!!! That Gun rocks,, i prefer it to the 105mm anyday!!! Death from a FAR


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A couple more.

These were at the Great Dorset Steam fair.Tony.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
friends 25 pdr

first time go at posting pic's hope it works


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Irish 25 PDRs

Only last week have the Irish Army retired its twenty five pounders from active service witha shoot in the Glen Of Imaal in County Wiclow. One battery will be held for Ceremonila purposes with the rest of being disposed of or being donated to Museums.

The weapon entered service in 1949 to replace the the 18 pounder which had been in service since the foundation of the state in 1921.

The 18 PDRs had been donated by the british army in 1921 and fired some of the opening shots of the Irish Civil War.

The 25 pdrs last shoot was fired using Pakistani ammunition.

It has been replaced by the weapon it operated along side for the past few years the 105 light in both M118 and M119 versions,
Theres a live one with 96 rounds for sale on milweb, just don't have 12500 spare in cash at the moment :-(