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25 pdr photos


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some of the different types of ammunition found for the 25pdr....as usual not best quality from an unknown source,why is it so hard to find good quality info on british stuff
There used to be an ammunition factory in St Marys Sydney Australia. As they were closing down I managed to buy most of their museum (long time ago now) but their working area outside was paved with new 25pr AP shot nose down in the ground. there was literally hundreds and hundreds of them. Got no idea what ever happened to them.

that was condition it was found in Archie,even had remains of paint on the nose..sadly it no longer exists
what colour would it have been i have some that cleaned up nice not sure whether to paint or not ? i saw one on another post it was white
should this one be green ?
Armystuff :tinysmile_tongue_t:
so many 25pd ammo......:eek: this in inert all....:bigsmile:


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trying to attache photos sorry new to this


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I thought it would be either India or Pakistan, they are the only countries who still make it as far as I know.

Ya its def made by POF,, the guns are great our guns only have about 10% of the barrell life used like,,, need sandblasting to remove all the paint but after that there the business!!!
do you use the 25 for gunnery training or OP training or are they your main weapon
25 Pounder

Varies,, we train on them when there available and fire maybe twice a year,, it all comes back to money,, ammo costs money and Ireland is in recession!!! Doin lectures on it today,,, What OP TA bty????

Fired with some ex Brit army not so long ago!!!