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25 pounder - help with identification please.


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I have a 25 pounder with a double slotted fuse. Can you tell me what the KS with an arrow above and below denotes on the base?

With regards to the double slotted fuse (I confess I know nothing about these), can you identify the following marks please.
WW & R
No1 II
Look like a fancy A or letter K

Best regards


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The double slotted fuse is a primer

WW& R = This is the maker of the primer;

Warne, Wright and Rowlands.
Screw & nut manufacturers, turned & pressed & motor car component parts.
Keeley Street, Watery Lane, Bham 9.
Multiple Victoria 2921 (5 lines)

No.1 II No. 1 primer, Mark 2
3/38 Manufactured March 1938
708 Filling lot number
W Monogram of filling station, Woolwich
10-38 Date of filling
Unknown character below W10-38, could be a poorly struck, inverted broad arrow.

KS and broad arrow Examiners work mark
Broad arrow by itself probably an acceptance mark


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