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25-pr MS Proof Shot?


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During WWII, British armour plate proof testing employed a projectile called "25-pr MS Proof Shot" for various tests. The function of the projectile appears to have been to determine whether or not heavy armor will back-spall or crack as a result of severe shock. The projectiles was also employed as a method for determining the tendency of various interior or exterior tank components to become detached or cease to function as a result of a heavy impact.

I have been unable to find either a photo or a sketch of the 25-pr MS Proof Shot. I was wondering if anyone here can point me in a direction where I might find a photo or sketch of this projectile?

Thanks for any help.

I must have overlooked this post.I shall ask my pal Mick if he has one in his collection?


Not yet.

It doesn't appear in any of the manuals I have for the 25-pdr. UK Q.F. gun manuals (at least the ones I own) typically have several pages in tabular form that detail the various ammunition+fuze types employed by the gun or howitzer (or gun-howitzer). But the MS-proof shot doesn't make the list (from memory, I think I have the 1942 and 1944 editions of the 25-pdr gun-how field manuals).

I assume the 25-pdr MS proof shot is specific to only armour plate proof testing, and therefore may not appear in standard issue field manual issued for the 25-pdr.

My gut feeling is that the 25-pdr armour plate proof testing shot resembles the US Army's 105mm armour plate proof testing shot. But it would be nice to be able to verify this one way or the other.

If its not a service round (which it isn't) then it will not be in the service handbook.

You don't see the proof rounds in the handbooks either.

will be seeing my mate this weekend so i shall ask him again if he found any info for you.

I suspect that the item you seek will be covered by the "Experimental" tag, and therefore be quit rare and due to its probable shape not very collectable in the eye's of a "scrappie"-the projectile will probably also have a DD/L number, which will make factual identification very hard or impossible !

Good luck with the hunt !
I just had a chin on the phone with Mick and he reckons that the proj would look like an ordinary streamlined HE but would be pitch-filled as its a proof round.
Hope this helps?