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25pdr cutaway


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Just Finished painting this one, i matched up the colour from the photo's Spotter sent me,i think it look's about right, its fitted with a 119 fuse, what do you all think.
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Nah its a mess ..ill take it off your hands save you a lot of embarresment

Seriously its very nice,well done
Looks like you have done a very nice job indeed-congratulations!

That is one hell of a "Booster" on that 119 Fuze-is it original ?
Gorgeous I would sooner have a beautifuly restored projectile like that than an original one with one flake of paint left on it
well done

Thanks guys it took a long while to do and lots of hacksaw blades and filing. as for the fuse, it came with that booster i don't know if its original or not.
Yep,excellent job!

what do you boys mean by the `booster`?

is that the same as a `gaine` in my favourite fuzes?


As for the painting its a pity you all didn't live closer i could soon sort them out its my trade, And yes Waff it is a Gain or booster.:cheer: AA
work of art

Andy, that shell is nothing short of a true work of art. Slowly but surely BOCN is helping me change my thoughts on sections. I may try one myself someday but just can't bring myself to cut a piece of history. Again you guys are rapidly changing my thoughts on that. I did cut on an m1915 German discus and was happy with the results, but then robbed the innards to finish a baby discus that I had the original shells for. No biggie as I have a supplier of m1915 discus grenades that I can get cheap, so someday in the future I will re-do that cutaway. Again andy, beautiful work. Caps off to you..Respectfully...Dano
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Thank's Danno it took a while but with patience and care and with some good hacksaw blades and plenty of filing you can do it