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27 x 145 DM1001


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Can someone tell me what I have here and what the DM markings mean. On the base: ... DM1001 ...; on the projectile just above the band: 27G DM28 DM1315 LOT-50-094.




  • 27mm x 145mm DM1001 a.JPG
    27mm x 145mm DM1001 a.JPG
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    27mm x 145mm DM1001 b.JPG
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    27mm x 145mm DM1001 c.JPG
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The DM numbers are the German model designations and the
DM 1001 is the case for the 27x145 DN in the headstamp means Diehl Nrnberg,
DM 28 is the loading - here a training round
DM 1315 is the projectile
One addition is the electrical primer its the DM 1071A1B1

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could you tell me what the markings mean on the one I have please.
The markings are;27x145 DM1001 LOS NWM-1-020-X
Cheers Tony
Hi Tony,
its the same DM number on your case - the NWM is Nederlandse Wapen & Munitionsfabrik ( probably not proper Dutch spelling ).
This type of Lotnumber give nothing without the refrence from the factory or the ordering organization - to my knowledge.
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DM stands for Deutsches Modell or as previously explaned/translated as German Model.
NWM stands for Nederlandse Wapen- en Munitiefabriek `De Kruithoorn` (the Netherlands). NWM is closed for several years already.

Regards, Cornman
Does anyone else make the DM1001? SO far we have Germany and the Netherlands. I am assuming there must be other countries as well?

Great Britain make the DM1001 also.

Yes, BAE Systems Royal Ordnance division did indeed make 27×145B DM28 TP ammo for the Mauser 27 mm BK-27 (Bordkanone) revolver cannon at one time.

DM28 27x145B TP.jpg

Not sure if they still do, though BAE mention Glascoed being able to make medium calibre ammo in one of the documents I have.