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28/20 and 42mm HE squeezebore projectiles.


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Hi I thought these photos would interest some of you. They're the fairly rare 28/20 and 42mm HE projectiles. Both are completely safe and inert and unscrew. A couple of line diagrams show the internals. The HE 42mm has 10 holes in the front skirt unlike the practice and AP versions of the 42mm and the 28mm that have 5 holes.



  • Squeezebore HE 1.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 1.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 2.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 2.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 3.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 3.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 4.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 4.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 5.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 5.JPG
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These are the rest of the photos.


  • Squeezebore HE 6.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 6.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 7.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 7.JPG
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  • Squeezebore HE 8.JPG
    Squeezebore HE 8.JPG
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Here's the 28/20 diagram.


  • 29 20 HE.JPG
    29 20 HE.JPG
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Congratulations, very scarce shells indeed. I have in the past digged up a few hundred 28/20 projectiles but found only AP-shells with Tungsten core, never seen a HE-shell in real life.
Thanks T mine. I wish I'd had the chance to dig up a few hundred AP projectiles for the 28/20. Did you get any photos of them?
No, I never took a picture of the quantity. Here pictures of the typical best quality found, most however were much worse.


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