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2lb Smoke Bomb ????


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Hmmm Unsure of the designation of this British Smoke bomb,,its of the same construction of the 4lb smoke bomb but about half the size so im assuming its a 2lb version,unfortunately i cannot find any reference to this size.
Length overall with cap on 149mm
Canister only length 113mm
Width 59mm

any additional information is welcome especially photos which would help complete this project


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additional images showing info on the 4lb version to compare


  • 4lb smoke bomb.jpg
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Sorry, no ref, but I believe this is the 2lb I found in a rotting cut-away of a UK dispenser.


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dont be sorry USsubs thats proof that they do exist,also shows how they were laid out in the container..excellent stuff,,but what a sorry state that cutaways been allowed to get into
Is the 2lb smoke the same size as the No83 Grenade? Externally, apart from the fuze they look very similar?
Ive just measured the smoke bomb body again in inches and compared to what measurements i have for the n083 which according to the document are 4.5 in X 2.25 in and they are the same,,i guess they are an adaptation of the no83