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2pdr AP colour codes


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Hi, Does anybody own any 2pdr post war AP projectiles,showing later colour codes,ie,not red white blue? If you do could you please post some pics as these must be much rarer than ww2 items.Ive never seen one for sale.cheers Tony.
No Spot,Harry G has one in his collection which should be mine,but no info at all.Cheers Tony.
This is the real thing Daz ,more o/t at work i think this week. Look for Harrys and Quatermasses post showing there 2pdr rounds,Cracking. Tony.
Hi T
Didn't see this one here is some details on the 2Pdr with the blue tip
I cant afford it and due to space and money I am just trying to get one example of each type of WW2 shell /ordnance etc ,I already have a 2pounder AP so that will do me. I just love window shopping and if the price is right and the wallet heavy enough i'll treat myself.
Currently waiting for an SD1 to arrive.
Will post more rarish items I see on here if no one minds.
Cheers DAZ
Hi Tony,
Well actually, a friend gave it to me....i believe he was about to publish a book on ordnance, which would have been stunning, i reckon most of us would buy it, if it ever came out.
I've tried contacting him several times, but no response....if I ever get a response, ill tell him about this site.

Yes it is, so after thinking about it, and him trying to publish a book, I decided to remove the pic!!!...oops!

Do you know him?...or where he's gone?...od you know if he's still going to publish that book?

Hi Richard
The Prints from Tony Debski are as far as I know not available to the public he does the drawing for NATO etc, the prints are a on going project & he releases so many each mouth there are something like 200 - 300 prints been released already.
I have had a word with him tonight & would be willing to sell individual pages or a set of pages on individual cartridges, if anybody is interested please let me know.

How do you & TimG know Tony?
Tony D is doing the plates, I'm doing the text for a series of books on ammunition through Mushroom Model Publications. They will be aimed primarily at modellers, not necessarily the experts who live on here!

I expect the volumes to look something like:

1 Allied WW2 Tank and Anti-tank UK US USSR - hope to get this out be end of year
2 Axis WW2 tank & anti tank (inc Japan & Italy if we can get enough info)
3 Post War NATO tank & anti tank
4 Warsaw Pact tank & anti tank

Arty and AA not yet decided; any suggestions and help gratefully received and fully acknowledged!