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2Pdr APHE Mk1


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Here's one i picked up a long time ago, and wasn't certain it was really an APHE 2Pdr as it was tightly crimped into the case, and I didnt want to cut the case....however with a really small camera i was able to take a pic of the projectile base inside the case.

Here's the round and headstamp showing the missing primer
British - 2PDR HE.jpg
British - 2PDR HE Headstamp.jpg

Heres the date of the projectile - 11/36
British - 2PDR HE Projectile date stamp.jpg

and here's the image (not great) I took of the end of the projectile
British - 2PDR HE Projectile base.jpg

I know its not the rarest of projectiles, but still nice to confirm my purchase....after all this, please don't tell me Im wrong.!!! :tinysmile_shutup_t2

Any other APHE / HE 2Pdrs out there?


It is the maker's monogram

Deakins (Silversmiths)
Sidney Works,
Matilda Street,
'phone: Sheffield 23143
T/a: "Sidney, Sheffield"

In about 1936 the company changed its name to 'Sidney Silversmiths' also Sidney was subsequently spelt 'Sydney'


Tim. G.
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I would appreciate a list of the HE projectiles used with the 2 pdr No.2 case, as I have found it difficult to get a clear picture of this.

I have a copy of an official ammo handbook which describes and illustrates a "Shell, HE/T Mk 2". This has a flat-nosed nose fuze and in fact looks identical to the HV HE shell used in the naval pom-pom, except that its weight is given as 2 lb 6 oz whereas the naval shell weighed 1 lb 11 oz.

I have also read that the Australians used a base-fuzed APHE later in the war, which they found useful for bunker-busting.

Any clarifications welcomed!
Photographs of my 'SHELL, Q.F., ARMOUR-PIERCING, 2-PR., MARK 1'.
Ive posted them on another thread but it seems worth while to repost them here.

AAAA 2pdrshell.jpg

Armour-piecing shell and fuze No. 281

AAA tracer.jpg

Fuze, percusion, base, tracer, No. 281
Tracer, external, No. 6 (Shot, practise, flat-headed, IT)
Fuze, percussion, base, Hotchkiss, mark IV)

BOCN 2PR APShell.jpg

Shell stampings.

I've got a spare No. 281 fuze missing the tracer if thats any good to anybody?

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